Welcome to the Project website of CeraWater.

The EU-Project entitled: “Fouling resistant ceramic honeycomb nanofilters for efficient water treatment” has been started on February 1, 2012 and will have a duration of 36 months.

Ceramic membranes are characterized by a high chemical and thermal stability and high permeate fluxes. On the other hand ceramic membranes are characterized by a lower membrane area per membrane element and a higher membrane price per membrane area. The main challenge of CeraWater is the development of a ceramic honeycomb nanofiltration membrane with strongly increased membrane area and strongly decreased membrane price per membrane area.

Membrane supports and active membrane layers (selective, anti fouling) are developed further by materials specialists. Partners active in water treatment and process technology sector test extensively and apply the membranes in filtration processes with different types of water. The characterized properties help membrane developers to improve membrane characteristics. Furthermore the membranes will be evaluated in a techno-economical way.

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